Get acquainted With Mylovetoys

When it comes to privacy, we at believe it to be of paramount importance. This is especially true when you shop for products that are of an intensely personal nature. It is this belief, coupled with our desire to help you keep the spark of love kindled that has led to the creation of India’s most discreet website for information relating to personal products.

The Way We Trust

We know that a lot has changed in India, but that the paradigm of privacy is still virtually non-existent. We also believe that the new, progressive Indian has the right to browse for, select, and purchase personal products, without the fear of scrutiny or embarrassment.

What we offer

We scour the globe to get you information for the widest range of 100% legal personal products that will put the zing back where it was missing (we made a pun!) From Lubricants to erotic lingerie, personal hygiene to condoms, literature to games and so much more, we have built a comprehensive catalog of information for some of the world’s foremost brands in the personal care space all at the click of a mouse.

Discretion is our business

Confidentiality is the one thing we are most fanatical about. We believe in using unmarked, unbranded boxes for delivery, to introducing Customer Self Pick-up in a few pin codes across the country, sellers should commit to maintaining discretion at every step of the shopping and delivery process.