Our website address is: https://www.mylovetoys.in

Sex toys play an important role in the privacy of your personal information.

So we try our best to keep your information completely confidential. Sex Toy gives you 100% assurance about this.

You can rest assured that .com or its affiliates will not misuse your personal information! Personal information is information that relates to a person, which may be directly or indirectly, in combination with other information or is likely to be available with the body corporation, if possible, our side is able to identify such person.

This may include your name, address, age, gender, date of birth, phone number, etc., but be free to worry about it.

Data collection

• Every website inevitably collects information and does exactly the same sex toy. However, we have a data collection policy to protect your privacy.

 For visitors (people who search our store) – When you come to .com, we understand that someone is visiting us, but we do not understand that it is you. We only count the number of visitors and track which pages / products are most interested in the visitors.

Collecting or using any information about people who simply visit our site and register with us, does not diminish. For customers (people who register with us on our site or place orders with us).

1. We may keep a record of your personal information but provide less assurance that it will be protected by our privacy policy. The information may be appropriate to share with our third party business partners and our vendors only to process further information.

2. If you are changing the information, you must first prove our identity. This will prevent other people from accessing your files.

3. We will not disclose credit card numbers over the phone. If you have a credit card problem we can handle it through your merchant bank (the process is very simple).

4. Any customer feedback we receive is kept in strict confidence and taken seriously. If we express your opinion about our product, we will disclose it completely anonymously.

5. In short, visits to your.com are conducted in strict confidence and in strict compliance with privacy. And it is kept 100% private!

Links to other sites

We link our site to other websites that may or may not help to collect personally identifiable information about you. This allows pages like this to be clearly identifiable in browser URLs.

But in this case. Sex Toy is reluctant to acknowledge any responsibility for the policies or actions of such websites.


 These links (except for .com payment gateway providers) do not require browsing or completing any transactions. We are sure that you will have a trusting experience with us.

.Com payment gateway providers have a history of handling millions of secure payment transactions that will give you the confidence to browse with us.

We are reluctant to take any responsibility for the consequences after being redirected to their website in case advertisers have links to our site.

Merger, acquisition, and termination of service

If we wish to merge or acquire with any other organization, we hope that the consortium may use the personal information as described in this policy or any sensitive personal information you provide.

 If we wish to terminate the operation, your personal information or sensitive personal information may be transferred and used by another company providing similar or related products or services.

We are confident that you are satisfied with our best privacy policy.