10 Thrusting Vibe Automatic Masturbator

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  • 10 Thrusting Vibe
  • Powerful electric stroker
  • 10 thrusting intensities
  • 2 thrusting patterns
  • Made with a body-safe TPE material.
  • Output voltage must ≤ 5V
  • USB port to charge
  • 5 speeds
  • waterproof 100%

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This 10 Thrusting Vibe Automatic Masturbator is powered by a powerful motor. It has 10 telescope modes and 10 exciting motion features. Which gives great pleasure in every use. Give unlimited pleasure by sucking your masturbation. Speed ​​up fast for massive fun. And control the instrument survival with a rhythm. Buy Automatic Masturbator Sex Toy India Online to get excited. It also comes in different designs.

10 Thrusting Vibe Automatic Masturbator built-in vibration egg to stimulate your glans

Masturbation is not just for the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Rather it helps to tighten your penis. Surprise your partner and train your partner to reach the climax. The 3 spring rings around the motorized vagina will tighten around your penis. And go up and down and massage in a great way. Its transparent design helps the partner to see and enjoy the action.

vibe Automatic masturbator comes with a realistic sleeve with slight suction

Made with a body-safe TPE material. So it is skin-friendly. Sleeve-shaped and provocative tiny beads create great excitement in the vaginal tract. Not too tight or loose so is quite suitable for masturbation.

Automatic masturbation cup is a USB rechargeable

Connect the automatic masturbation cup to the USB port to charge. Try charging slowly. Because if you try quickly, the product may be damaged. It can even get worse with your penis. The charging output voltage must ≤ 5V. Shows a red light when charged and goes off after full charge. Keep the charge for three and a half hours and use it for one hour. Use lubricant gel for safe use.

Removable sleeve for easy cleaning

Clean well after use. You can only take out the sleeve and clean it. 40-degree warm water is suitable. Wash with soap and keep in a dry and suitable place. A very good way to keep in a cool place. Visit YouTube for know more info.


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