3 ENTRANCES Inflatable Sex Doll for men masturbator adult toy

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  • Height: 4ft. 10 in. (147cm)
  • Number of holes: 3 (vagina, anus, mouth)
  • Bust size: 31.5in
  • Material: PVC+Silicone

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3 ENTRANCES Inflatable Sex Doll

This Inflatable Sex Doll is Made of non-toxic PVC. This doll features sleek skin and seamless parts, ready to get you erotic instantly and enjoy fantastic sex through various positions.

Inflatable Sex Doll for men AVAILABLE

Get ready for awesome blowjobs! Also, her tight vagina and anus with floating points on the inner walls will keep massaging your penis and bring you ultimate sex experiences. Lubricant is recommended for better sensation.

Lifelike design

Her juicy injectable breasts (100°F water are recommended) are eager for your touch. 3D face, hands and feet, and brown curled hair make her the only girl you ever want.

ATTENTION: Her hair is fixed on her head and can’t get off.


It takes only a few minutes to inflate \ deflate the entire doll.  And you can stow the deflated toy away in your secret places. Visit YouTube.


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