3D Realistic Half Doll for men with Pussy Ass Butt and Torso

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  • For Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex
  • pretty pink asshole or plush pussy
  • measures 10.63inch*6.69inch*5.11inch
  • Easy handling
  • 5.7″ long vaginal channel
  • 4.5″ long anal channel
  • Made of medical-grade material

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3D Realistic Half Doll for men with Pussy Ass Butt and Torso. You can buy it at affordable prices in this best online store in India. Besides its seductive breasts, an alluring vagina will pull you very close. And its hard anus will satisfy your sexual satisfaction. Super sexy body curves, full breasts, straight nipples, the delicate throat will attract you again and again. Take the full experience of vaginal, breast, anal sex.

About 3D Realistic Half Doll

It is 100% waterproof. Can be washed repeatedly. No problem. There are no other toxins in it. It is made entirely by medical-grade design. You can play it with water-based lubricant. Healthy and no weird smell. Masturbating these boobs is not harmful to your health. So there is no reason to be afraid of doll survival. Will give you the most realistic touch to be completely skin-friendly. Real sexual pleasure and a tight vagina will bring realistic feelings. And a golden opportunity to enjoy the double hole. This love doll is perfect to meet your sexual fantasies.

How to use 3D Realistic Half Doll for men

Please wash with mild soapy water. And keep this male sex toy in a cool place to keep the interior of the channel dry for better service. Best for bedroom or bathroom play. Be a little patient to experience the most intense and anxious orgasms. For a better insert, please use a waterproof lubricant.

Discreet packaging

Supplied confidentially. 100% discreet. We do markless packaging without any sensitive sound. And provide secure delivery throughout India. No one will ever know it. So order without hesitation. And get involved in the game with it.

Lifelike Details

We want to give our customers a better product, so do the details carefully. Reality is not just the same shape, the small particles of the areola and wrinkles are super real are a woman’s real chest. Know more info, visit Our YouTube channel.


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