10 spinning modes rotating male masturbation

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  • 10 spinning pattern
  • 10 thrilling speed
  • charging time: 5 hours
  • working time: 80 minutes
  • enjoy girls moans with headphone
  • charge indicator: shows blue flash
  • fully charged indicator: stays in blue

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There are 10 spin patterns in this rotating male masturbation cup. Up and down motions can be chosen. It will give you hundreds of pleasures whenever you use it. You can use lubricant gel for a great experience and get more pleasure. It thrusts and rotates completely automatically. The distance between the top and bottom is 2 inches and it expands 310 times per minute. It features a custom TPE pleasure sleeve. Which produces a special feeling of being in a woman’s vagina. Realistic 3D textured inside the vagina. Provocative beads and makes you feel better with each sigh and thrashing. And brings with it fantastic sexual experiences.

Rotating male masturbation with a hands-free experience

This rotating male masturbation cup is made with a suction base. It allows you to take smooth hard surfaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Adjustable angle of 145 degrees and 720-degree sleeve rotation. You don’t have to use your hands. It makes it possible to enjoy anywhere.

Easy portable charge of Rotating male masturbation

Simply connect it to a USB port to charge the masturbator. Do not use fast charging heads. The blue light will flash when charging the unit. It will turn blue when fully charged. Can be used for approximately 80 minutes. The charging time is about 5 hours.

Easy to clean

Just open the purple cover to clean the sleeves. And take out the sleeve. Wash and wipe well. This will speed up the drying process. Rinse in the water below 40 under after using it. Keep dry in a cool place. You will get a better experience if you apply lube.

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